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Cayumas and Ibiza, a love story
Beyond its beaches, its coves, its nightlife, Ibiza has another face.
many faces; The island oozes tradition from every pore: small villages with white houses and simple churches, humble and hard-working people, peasants, and a wide variety of handicrafts of all kinds.

Ceramics, present since time immemorial, basketry, esparto grass and wicker work,
they still have a deep-rooted and timeless presence today, in the 21st century.


Las Cayumas, from another part of Europe, rich in traditions and history,
They are born from the inspiration and work of generations of artisans, who as in
Ibiza collects the treasure of ancient knowledge. Our Cayumas are made
with an artisanal process in which all the steps of its manufacture are
rigorously manual; The sole doesn't have any kind of glue, it's
hand-sewn with a unique system in which only the thread and the needle are
Present. And so on in everything else. The Cayumas represent the best of the
European artisan tradition, and in Ibiza they display all their beauty, as they
Cayumas and Ibiza share a common feeling: love.