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The Cayumas project

This project was conceived from Ana and Borja’s enthusiasm, parents of a numerous family, lovers of nature and it’s creatures, of art, beauty, and Venice.

In 2010 they took their first trip together to Venice, since then they’ve been in love with this elegant, velvet espadrille, each and every one tenderly handmade by an artisan in their shop. This was a discovery to henceforth be shared and kept around the world.

When the moment came to baptise the project they decided to play around with their children’s names, the result was Cayumas, a combination of Cayetano and Uma, the third and the youngest of the family. A mix of tradition and exoticism, just like the authentic Cayumas.

In the Cayumas blog we want to open up to you about our lifestyle, our way of life: in body, soul and spirit.

I will share everything it takes to produce every single pair of Cayumas.

It’s Ana talking here. When I worked as a flight attendant I got to travel around the world, feeding off different cultures, figuring out my own taste, before taking off to Madrid to start my own family, I lived 10 years in Ibiza, nurturing from the white island’s energy, I adore everything that tastes old and shines like new.

I attempt to practice Yoga consistently, read a couple books a month and feed to 5 the healthiest and best I can.

These notes on myself are what define me as a searcher for innate comfort and beauty, respecting my body and my planet.

See you soon!