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Our Story


To seek beauty from north to south along infinite roads was Cayumas’ origin—and is still its present. We began our adventure in 2010, and since then all we’ve done is immerse ourselves in the culture, tradition and art that surrounds us at every destination, finding that everywhere there is an artisan willing to show us their work, their true, invaluable know-how. Their hallmark and ours are originality, production without sudden ups and downs or surpluses, and quality.

The Cayumas Friulane


On our first journey together to Italy in 2010, we fell in love with Friulanes, elegant velvet slippers from Venice handsewn by artisans one-by-one following tradition. Comfortable and assembled without glue on the soles or cardboard in the heels, they are a timeless trend that have been produced constantly ever since they were created in the eighteenth century and became the favourites of the Venetian gondoliers. Their success has never waned.

Always crafted with care and in small colour batches, Cayumas’ Friulanes are crafted the way they have always been, with organic materials, English fabrics in the insole and recycled rubber from bicycle tyres for the sole. They are weightless and seasonless. They can always be worn.

Handmade accessories


We are driven by the search for unique, sustainable, elegant and casual women’s accessories to be worn every day. The kind that last and that tell stories. The kind that can only be made in a specific place in the world. Those unique treasures are Cayumas.