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Cookies policy

Cookies policy

On our website we use a series of technologies that you probably already know and that make it easier for us to have more interactive and attractive content for our visitors. In addition, they allow us to better understand and adapt to your preferences. In this part of the website, we want to explain the type of technologies and the use we make of them, in addition to their specific purposes.

What types of technologies do we use on the web? Cookies: Cookies are small files that our website issues and that are downloaded to the browser and/or to the device from which the visitor accesses the website. The purpose of these small files is to store data that can be updated and retrieved by the entity responsible for their installation. These types of files can obtain and store data such as the location of the web visitor, the type of browser used for access or the preferred language, and this information is sent to the cookie manager. In addition, it is very possible that you will find links to other third-party sites on our website, so we recommend you consult the privacy and cookie policies of the sites that host these links in order to be informed about the use that these third parties make of this website. type of devices. The Responsible assumes no responsibility for the use of cookies and other devices made by third parties on their own websites. In the following table we explain the types of cookies we use on our site:

How can I manage, deactivate or eliminate the described cookies and how to revoke the consent already given? Is it possible to browse this site with a total restriction of cookies? Browsing this website with a total restriction of cookies in your browser is possible, although you must bear in mind that it is possible that some features of the site will not be displayed correctly or you will not be able to enjoy some options that are offered thanks to the use of cookies. cookies. In addition, we are not responsible for the incorrect or poor functioning of the website in the event that you opt for this option. You can configure your browser to allow, block or delete cookies at any time. To configure it, in the following table we provide you with the necessary information for the most commonly used browsers. We recommend that you bear in mind that some options for this management may vary depending on the browser version or the device model from which you access the web.

browser Link
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Safari you access the web from a Mac) access is via Iphone or Ipad)

Also, keep in mind that some browsers offer utilities that, incorporated into them, allow extra functionalities to be able to manage the download and use of cookies or other applications that may compromise your privacy. More information:

Do you have any questions about this topic? Remember that you can contact us in the contact form that we have enabled on our website, also to ask us about the use we make of cookies.