Real Venetian slippers

The friulane of Cayumas are the real onesVenetian Slippers. Made inArtisan workshops of northern Italy, They are hand-sewn and carry no glue. TheSole is recycled rubberOf bicycle wheels and are made of organic velvet and English Liberty fabrics at the plant.

The Liberty fabrics in the photographs are indicative and vary over time. Cayumas cannot assure that they match your order.

How to recognize an authentic "FRIULANE"?

The authentic Friulanes, Venetian, produced handmade 100% in Italy.
Sole made with eco-friendly materials.

Reject imitations.



    Handmade in Italy

    Because things well done require time and dedication and we have a commitment to it.

    A respect for artisan traditions, know-how and
    técnica. An admiration for good taste and excellence.

    Our purpose is to be able to enjoy beauty in all its forms.