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100,000 steps with Cayumas in Paris

Paris is well worth a Mass, as the saying goes, and we could also say that Paris is well worth a few Cayumas. Long weekend in Paris, girls only. Three and a half days to rediscover the City of Light. A different experience, in a different time.

Ana, Uma and Fernanda with the Eiffel Tower behind them.

The Cayumas are always with us, they take us on endless walks through the streets, along the avenues. They are the perfect companions for long hours of activity. We walk along the banks of the Seine, listen to street concerts, leaf through books at the stalls on the side of the bridges, and we feel comfortable, as if barefoot, but protected, by the softness of the velvet and the flexibility of the sole of the Cayumas.

Paris is different, practically everything is closed; There are no restaurants or museums, the curfew is at six o'clock in the evening, but all this gives the city a different, mysterious, in a certain way magical halo, as if you were living something unrepeatable, in a place that still has everything, but that is not within your reach, that you can only enjoy halfway. It lets you look but doesn't go in.

With our Cayumas we approach the Eiffel Tower, and as always we are surprised by the human intelligence that allows us to make works as fantastic as this one, just as, to another extent, another place and in another time, in small workshops, skilled artisans, produce our Cayumas with care.

Every day, back to the hotel, a good swim and rest, to prepare for the next one, which will take us to other routes, other monuments and other experiences, always, of course, accompanied by the Cayumas, our faithful friends and companions in this little adventure in Paris.

See you soon in Paris!