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The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid
A splendid, sunny Sunday morning; A plan with the little ones and our Cayumas: Visit to the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid.

At mid-morning on this beautiful Sunday in September, we entered the Botanical Garden of Madrid with a double objective; on the one hand, enjoy and learn from the trees and plants of this fantastic corner of Madrid, so unknown to many, and on the other hand, discover among its avenues and promenades several figures of Peppa Pig, a children's television character that excites children from all over the world.

As a guide on the visit, we are accompanied by one of the gardeners of the enclosure, who will enlighten us about the origin and provenance, about the cultivation and care of many of the species that we will find here.

The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid was founded in 1755 by Ferdinand VI, but its current location is due to Charles III, who in 1781 moved it from its initial headquarters near the Manzanares River and which occupies an area of eight hectares

The visit begins with a walk through the collection of Bonsai, donated by former President González, as well as various State gifts donated by National Heritage, Bonsai trees are spectacular trees, living miniatures, they look like little children of their elders. From Olive Trees to Strawberry Trees, Holm Oaks and Pine Forests, Japanese Cedars and Maples, Sabines and Junipers, and many more, the collection is an unbeatable way to start your visit. Also noteworthy is the small pond where they take care of a group of water lilies about to bloom with care and passion.

We walk its promenades with our Cayumas, always comfortable and light, and we are lucky enough to see the wonderful and very tall Stone Pines, as well as the spectacular Himalayan Cedar, gigantic Poplars, and robust Oaks and Plane Trees. The old Elm, almost dead, tries to be reborn, with little hope, high on its broad trunk, more than six meters in circumference, with a couple of branches struggling to thrive

We also had the opportunity to visit the Greenhouses, a beautiful place such as the Stove of the Palms and its Ferns and other plants that withstand humidity. We were also in the Desert Greenhouse, overflowing with Cacti of all types and conditions, as well as the Subtropical Greenhouse.

We continue the visit with the Huerta, and before going into the search for Peppa Pig we sit for a while in the shade in the Plaza de los Castaños, twin of the Plaza de los Plátanos.

Then it was the turn of the little ones and their search for the figures of the pig family. It must be said that the initiative is very interesting because it brings the little ones closer to the natural wealth of their city in a healthy and fun way.

When we finished, we thanked our guide and left the Royal Botanic Gardens happy and hungry